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GOODIE, undoubtedly, an excellent choice...

We employ many people within 3 continents.
We export to over 50 countries.
We speak 9 different languages.
We operate in 17 different offices.




We love people...


Our challenge was not to give quality alone but to show our love and respect for people. It is no wonder that you have made us the fastest growing brand in every country where we operate. We promise to continue delivering on our promises and finding new “ands” to make you happier.

Our promise reflects in our slogan too. We want to better all your needs and wants. It is therefore “As we promised … for Better Life".


With a vision of being the market leader in the FMCG segment, the company concentrates on Sales and Distribution Management, Brand Building, Market Dynamics and Consumer Knowledge and considers these the pillars of its future growth. GOODIE strives to provide products of the highest quality that give maximum value for money.

Success has not in any way changed the values of the organization. Humility, Reliability and Trustworthiness have always been the driving factors behind the growth of GOODIE. But evolving at GOODIE is not just about being a market leader. The company provides its employees, an environment that allows them to excel in their areas of competency and interest.

Today, GOODIE has gained a strong foothold in all the markets it operates in and has managed to edge out the existing competition. The company continues to spread its wings and grow, every day.

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